Friday of a hard week

Its been a tough week.  We had a funeral this week of a friend who passed away far too young.  That was hard enough, although an eye-opening day in which we experienced the funeral customs of a different culture (Pacific Island).  And then we had the Paris attacks, the death of a Kiwi legend, the anniversary of a New Zealand tragedy.  I feel like its been a long, hard week.

I stayed at work drinks tonight and had a couple of ciders, and a couple of mini mince pies.  The meat kind, not the fruit kind.  I’m quite tired from the not-so-great sleep I had last night (Katie woke, which we think has become a habit from being sick last week), and I feel just a bit meh.

I think I would feel less meh if I’d done some exercise this week.  But I didn’t.  I had no motivation.  Its so annoying because I’m full of good intentions – I pack my bag the night before with gear for the next day, and get gear out for the morning as well.  And then proceed to do neither a morning nor lunchtime work out.  But its ok, I have cider and pies instead – they make me feel better.

I am missing the “something” to aim for.  Not just a race to train for or shorts to fit into, but something else that motivates me to get my act together and keep it together.  I want to lose weight, and when I get dressed into my jeans with my ridiculous muffin top making me look like a beached whale, I really want to lose weight, but thats not enough for me to say no to that cider/pie/chocolate bar/lunch-time taco.

Have you got any suggestions of where to find my commitment mojo?

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Hello (again) world

I completely forgot that I started this blog all those years ago!  I was chatting with a colleague today and we talked about “blogging” and I noted I might start one.  I’ve spent half an hour trying to come up with an exciting blog name, finally settled on something and tried to log in.  Oh, thats right, this one.  I can’t figure out how to change the name to the one I wanted, so I’ll stick with this.  I’d like to add “perpetually trying to” in the front of it, though.

So what’s happened since 2011.  Well, I actually did lose 5 kilos.  I was hovering around the 65kg mark, and I signed up to a pretty cool womans-only bootcamp at my gym.  I lost about 8kg.  And I got strong and fit.  I was lifting weights and doing ridiculous numbers of burpees, and managed a half marathon PB of 1:53.  I was pretty proud of myself, and I felt amazing.

And then, in the biggest news, I became a Mum.  I stopped bootcamp/lifting weights when I was about 25 weeks pregnant, and while I still “ran” until quite late in my pregnancy, I didn’t maintain my strength or level of fitness.  I never even considered being one of those pregnant woman who was lifting heavy or running heaps in the latter stages.  I just wanted to sit on my bum and eat cheese scones.

Surprisingly, I only put on 13kgs during my pregnancy.  At 9 months pregnant I weighed 70kgs.  After a pretty traumatic labour we became the proud parents of a beautiful little girl.  Actually, not so little, she weighed almost 4kgs.  But she’s gorgeous, and we adore her.  She’s now 20 months old, and I still weigh 70kgs.

So, maybe I’ll try this again.  I’ll try to lose 5 kilos, 3 times over.  And get fit again (I’ve already signed up for a February Half Marathon).  And maybe even try this “getting strong” thing again.

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Eating not much then eating lots means…

129 pounds is only a temporary thing.  Getting ones teeth out sure provides a “distraction” from doing anything other than resting.  I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching a lot of movies.  I have not been doing much exercise, nor have I done much study.  I have been eating regular hot cross buns (eek) and keeping up with my regular 3pm chocolate fix.  Neat.

aquajoggingIts been over 3 weeks since my last post.  Its been nearly that long since I’ve done consistent exercise.  So lets see…I’ve been aqua jogging twice a week with my 6-months-pregnant friend, and running on a Saturday morning another friend.  No gym class last week, although there was one attempt at doing a free weights session.  This week has been pretty good – on Saturday I went aqua jogging, Sunday a 10km run, Monday a free weights session, Tuesday “body attack” and today another aqua jogging session.  Provided I don’t stay up too late tonight I’m going to try a run in the morning.

It has been a very good food week though – I haven’t had any chocolate since Sunday (a record for me!), I’m going to try and make it to Easter without having any.  This morning I weighed in at 132.3 pounds, down a pound since yesterday morning but a good achievement.  Wonder what tomorrow will be.  Down I hope!!

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The fastest way to lose weight is…

To get ones wisdom teeth out, then eat nothing but soft foods for a few days.  On Thursday I bit the bullet and paid the money to get all 4 of them out.  It was a very straightforward procedure, they all came straight out.  However, since then I’ve been on soft foods – yoghurt, mashed potato, soup.  I’ve dropped to 129 pounds… except that I”m pretty sure thats a temporary thing. Well, I think so anyway…

I can probably get back on the hard stuff today, though due to the stitches I’m not too keen, in case I catch food on them and rip them out.  Its Sunday, roast night, so I’m going to give it a try.

I went for a run this morning.  Only 6kms, but my first attempt at exercise since Tuesday.  Its a good start, and I think I’ll be back into a good routine this week.  At least, I’m hoping so!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! …

I’m going to leave that part there, while I figure out how this blog thing works!!!

Hello world!  This is my blog about my attempt to lose 5 kilos by the end of the semester.  Oh, and to have got some kind of routine in my workouts, and speed in my running so I can run the half marathon in June in less than 2 hours.

Weight loss is a sensitive subject for just about everyone.  Everyone has their own rule about what is “overweight”,  what is “skinny”, and what is normal.  Most men probably have an opinion about girls’ obsession with weight loss, although they probably (deep down) have an opinion about whether their “other half” should lose a pound or two.  Sorry to my classmates, this is not the most appropriate of blogs, but it’s what suits me for now.

Let me back up a bit.  A few years ago (3 years I think), my partner (lets refer to him as LOML) and I went on a bit of a diet.  We both were overweight.  Not hugely overweight, but enough that our BMIs were not in the healthy range.  So we found some diet software, bought some scales, and set about losing weight.  I’m 5ft 2in, and I went from 146 pounds to 120!  I never thought I was overweight, until I lost it all.  I was amazed at the transformation, and bought loads of new clothes to fit my smaller size.  Since then, I have lost the discipline to not eat chocolate every day, and my weight has crept up to 132 pounds.  Eek.  I want to lose the weight again, and stop eating chocolate every day, plus we have recently gotten engaged and there’s a wedding dress to fit into.

The challenge?  Lose 5 kilos (just over 10 pounds) before the June 2011 exams.  In addition to that, run a bit more and try and improve my half marathon time from 2hours 14 minutes (February 2011) to under 2 hours, at the June half marathon.

My blog will follow my attempt to do this…

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